Friday, November 9, 2012

My Life & Friends

This is my life, people...

Some of what I've faced and have had to deal with the past two days:

Note: I work for an insurance company and attend employee benefits fairs during the year to inform people about their benefits offered from their employer (this time of year, I'm basically at these types of meetings every day, or at least I attend so many that it feels that way!).  Other representatives from insurance companies attend these fairs as well...

- Yesterday at the employee benefits fair I attended, a gentleman from the company's vision insurance provider randomly asked me (literally, out of the blue) "do you have any kids at home?".  I told him that I didn't, then looked away and couldn't bare to look at him anymore for the remainder of the day.  My name is Aubrey, and I hold grudges.  Even with perfect strangers.

-  Yesterday, at the same fair, I bumped into someone that I had worked with previously.  The first question she excitedly asked me while staring at my stomach was "Any baaaaaaabiessss?!?!".  I let her know that no, I don't have any children and then cursed her out in my head for the next five minutes (I actually may still be cursing her out in my head... man, these grudges that I hold...).

-  As mentioned in last night's post, we found out that one of our couple friends are expecting... again.  I was so upset, I had to (Blog and then) go to bed right away so I wouldn't be a grump pathetically sulking around my house for my husband to see for the rest of the night.

-  Today at work (at another company's benefits fair), there was a nurse from a local hospital doing blood pressure screenings for employees.  She was about 5 months pregnant and we had a nice conversation about nursing (a profession I'll forever regret not going into!) and then she asked if I had children.  Lately I feel as if I have a sign across my forehead begging people to ask me this question.

-  There was also a chiropractor at today's fair who I got to talking with... she started telling stories about how she gives her patients x-rays before treating them.  And wouldn't you know that twice... TWICE... she found out that people were pregnant based on their x-ray.  Excuse me while I barf, because in the world of infertility, IF, a pregnancy occurs, we know right away.  There is no question.  We have the BETA results to prove it, only 14 days after retrieval.

-  Today, after the benefits fair I attended, I stopped at The Container Store to make a quick return.  In line, I was sandwiched between two beautiful women who were both pregnant.  Seriously.  This is my life.

* * * * *

Now that I'm done with my rant, I just want to mention how truly thankful I have become for this Blog.  I've recently learned that I actually do have (a few) followers and I'm so grateful that my words have helped others somwhere out there.  I know that others' Blogs have helped me in the past... and they still do!  I don't write this Blog for anyone other than for me.  I've mentioned before that writing here is somewhat therapeutic for me - if I can somehow be of help to someone else out there, though, then that's just an added bonus. 

Anyway, before I get myself going on another rant (this time about why I Blog), I just want to thank those of you that have reached out to me.  Your stories have truly inspired me.  Your suggestions, advice and guidance have given me more hope than you know - especially at a time when I really need it all(!!!).  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Hugs to all of my new friends (somehow without even knowing you, I feel closer to you than I do to my real-life friends these days!).


Mel said...

Isn't that true that we can feel closer to our infertile friends, even if we have not met in real life... I'm thankful that we can help each other out through this very difficult time of our lives.

A said...

Your stories about all the baby questions and being bombarded by pregnant women...oh I so get that. It's so touch and takes so much energy to hold it together.

And what you said about feeling closer to people online because they get it, I feel the same way.
I enjoy your blog and I'm so rooting for you. :)

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