Friday, February 28, 2014

Babies Bump and 18 Week Update

What a week!  Week 18 started off so much better than it ended... We attended a wedding for one of Nick's high school friends this past Saturday night in Boston.  I was super impressed with being able to make it until the cake was served (my goal!) before heading back to our hotel to go to sleep (while Nick stayed out way too late).  Sunday was stressful because I had to pack for a three night stay in the city for my company's National Sales Meeting from Monday until Thursday.  Monday came and I attended the first portion of the conference.  I went to bed that night and had a tough time sleeping, noticing that my throat was starting to hurt.  I awoke Tuesday feeling pretty awful.  Oddly enough, Nick said he felt the same way.  I, somehow, made it through a day of meetings on Tuesday (coughing violently through all of them).  By the time Wednesday morning rolled around, I could barely get out of bed.  I finally called my OB to see what I could take.  The nurse told me to get Robitussin DM for my cough and to immediately start monitoring my temperature, which I hadn't even thought to take at that point.  When I finally did, the thermometer read 100.4 so I called my OB's office back and they prescribed me Tamiflu.  Nick, who was also still feeling pretty lousy, was leaving work early to go home so he came to pick me up from my Sales Meeting.  Once home, I began to vomit and knew something wasn't right.  The nurse at my OB's office suggested I come in - but not to Labor and Delivery - rather, to the ER, so I did just that.  
After an evening at one of Boston's busiest hospitals, it was confirmed that I do in fact have the flu.  I was fairly dehydrated and my potassium was low.  They gave me IV fluids and a rather disgusting potassium drink and then sent me on my way to continue feeling lousy.  Oh, and Nick went to the doctor on Thursday only to find out that he, too, has the flu.  We're both pretty pathetic here at home going from our bed to the couch and complaining incessantly to one another about how horrible we feel.  We both got flu shots this year and are officially blaming someone at the wedding for passing this on to us! 
How far along:  This picture was taken on the night of the wedding, when I was 18 weeks 3 days.
Total weight gain?  I was up about 10-12 lbs, but since being sick and not really having much of an appetite, I'm worried that I've lost a pound or two.  My doctor promised me that it's OK not to be eating right now, while I'm sick, like I had been.  Her main concern is keeping fluids in me.  But I still worry about this.  I'm trying to drink as many protein-packed drinks as I can right now, but when you're sick, you just don't feel like having much of anything.  Lately, comments and conversations about my weight have really bothered me.  A lot of people will say how great I look and will follow it up with something like you're really having twins?!  Where are they?!  You don't even look pregnant!  I suppose these are nice comments, but they're not at all what I want to hear.  I want to hear that it's obvious that I'm pregnant.  That I've noticeably gained weight.  That it's clear that there is more than one baby in there!  I have an appointment on Tuesday and plan to politely grill my doctor about my progress in the weight department, that's for sure!
Maternity clothes?  I had to buy a couple new pairs of maternity tights for the Sales Meeting that I basically missed... and I'm so glad that I did (miss most of the meetings) because I didn't have to wear them!
Stretch marks?  I don't think I have any... yet.
Sleep:  Right now sleep is not my friend.  My nostrils are full of... stuff... that I cannot, for the life of me, get rid of.  It basically feels like I can't breathe, which makes sleeping near impossible.
Best moment this week:  THANKFULLY, we did have a bit of good that came from the 18th week... more baby furniture deliveries!
Miss anything?  Right now I really miss being able to breathe out of my nose!
Movement:  I think the feelings of big air bubbles may be these little guys letting me know that they're there.  I'm still not 100% sure, but I do know that they're kicking and punching away in there!  When I was in the ER, they were able to do an ultrasound and I got to see my sweet little boys moving around.  Baby A (Austin) looked like a little boxer punching his little fists out in front of him.  I can't wait to see them again at my appointment on Tuesday!
Food cravings:  None to make note of.  At all.  I have no appetite right now.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Praise God my nausea is essentially gone.  Granted, it has been replaced by flu symptoms, which actually may not be as bad as feeling like I was going to vomit 24/7!
Gender:  LOVE my Boys!
Labor Signs:  None.  Phew!
Symptoms:  The same… minus the nausea (woohoo!!).  Linea nigra, some ligament pain on my left side in my hip/upper leg area, the nasal congestion, restlessness...
Belly button in or out?  In.
Wedding rings on or off?  On when I'm out of the house and off when I'm in the house.
Looking forward to:  Getting rid of the flu and my doctor's appointment on Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Babies Bump and 17 Week Update


17 weeks 3 days

17 weeks 4 days
How far along:  17 weeks 3 days and 17 weeks 4 days.  I took two pictures this weekend because 17 weeks has made me feel... well, gross.  Ever since I became pregnant, it's almost as if I don't recognize myself anymore.  It's a very weird feeling, but I will look at myself in the mirror, or in a picture, and not even know who it is that I'm looking at - I don't look like myself to me anymore!
Total weight gain?  I've been using my scale at home and if it's accurate, then I'm up a good 9-10 lbs.  And I couldn't be happier :)
Maternity clothes?  Oh yes.  As much as I loathe them, I'm sporting them.  I'm still rocking leggings whenever I can and if I'm being honest, most days I don't change out of my PJ's (big plus to working from home while pregnant!). 
Stretch marks?  I don't think I have any... yet.
Sleep:  Sleep is getting worse by the night.  The past few nights I've woken up and moved to the couch because I couldn't fall back asleep.  I ditched the snoogle thinking that might help, but no such luck.  I think my lack of sleep is in most part due to my congestion.  I can.not.breathe!  I tried Breathe Rite strips last night and woke up with a huge mark on my nose this morning that still has not gone away.  Maybe I positioned it incorrectly?  Oh well... Another plus to working from home... mid-day cat naps!
Best moment this week:  Babies' cribs!  I know it's early, but 1.) so many people have told me to do what I can now and 2.) we thought that it would take weeks and weeks for them to arrive.  When they showed up on our doorstep last week, we decided to get to work this weekend.  It's so crazy to see our babies' cribs set up in their room.  I cried so many happy tears this weekend watching Nick put them together.  My heart was just overflowing with pure happiness.  How did I get this lucky?!
Here's a sneak peek at the boys' nursery... Lots more to do, but it's a start!
Miss anything?  I still miss healthy foods, but I'm trying to be better about that and have started to buy frozen veggies to heat up to have for snacks during the day.  But don't let me fool you - there are currently two big bowls of Cadbury mini eggs and pretzel M&M's sitting on my kitchen counter.
Movement:  I'm starting to doubt that what I've been feeling is actually the babies.  I am waiting ever so impatiently to feel their little kicks!
Food cravings:  None to make note of.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Still nothing in particular, but anything can do the trick.  My nausea has subsided A LOT, but it is still there.  I'm finding that I need to eat much smaller meals as I get so full, so fast.  Eating too much, too quickly definitely brings on the nausea.
Gender:  LOVE my Boys!
Labor Signs:  None.  Phew!
Symptoms:  The same… some nausea still, linea nigra, some ligament pain on my left side in my hip/upper leg area, the nasal congestion, restlessness... Oh!  And headaches.  My goodness... I never realized how lucky I've been in life to never have to suffer through terrible headaches.  My heart goes out to those of you who do... they are horrible (but are better than the nausea!).
Belly button in or out?  In.
Wedding rings on or off?  On when I'm out of the house and off when I'm in the house.
Looking forward to:  Everything!  I'm excited for every.single.thing that's coming my way.  I look forward to so much these days: waking up every morning and seeing my round belly, listening to their strong heartbeats on the Doppler, singing to them every morning and night as we start and end our day (Belle's letting them borrow her song 'You Are My Sunshine')... I have so much to be grateful for.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Babies Bump and 16 Week Update


How far along:  16 weeks 3 days (I've found that my weekly picture-taking day is Saturday).
Total weight gain?  Still officially +6 lbs, but I think I've gained at least a pound or two since my last doctor's appointment.
Maternity clothes?  I think I might actually sort of like maternity clothes now that my belly has grown into them.  Still loving the long tops that cover my bum in the leggings that I wear every day.  I finally bought a pair of maternity tights and they're just as uncomfortable as non-maternity tights.  See ya later dresses/skirts - you're not worth it!  And I have a love affair with Gap maternity - thank you to the Gap for making non-farty maternity clothes.  THANK YOU.  Maternity clothes shopping is horrible, but the Gap has made me not hate it so much.  I do have a formal wedding to go to at the end of the month… does anyone have any ideas as to where I can buy a non-expensive formal maternity dress?  
Stretch marks?  I thought I saw a few on my upper thigh/hip area where I have some round ligament pain, but I don't see them anymore.
Sleep:  I've encountered the stage of restlessness.  The other night I was laying in bed at 3:00 a.m. thinking of names for a pregnant friend.  I would still call myself a good sleeper, but I'm definitely tossing and turning more throughout the night than I ever have before.
Best moment this week:  Realizing that with every passing day, I'm feeling a little bit better.
Miss anything?  I miss healthy food but my babies just don't want fruits and veggies!
Movement:  I still can't tell… I can't wait to know that I'm feeling four feet kicking me, though!
Food cravings:  Still none.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Still nothing in particular, but anything can do the trick.
Gender:  LOVE my Boys!
Labor Signs:  None.  Phew!
Symptoms:  The same… some nausea, that I think may be on its way out (?), linea nigra, some ligament pain on my left side in my hip/upper leg area, the nasal congestion and now restlessness.
Belly button in or out?  In.
Wedding rings on or off?  On when I'm out of the house and off when I'm in the house.
Looking forward to:  Being spoiled by my mom and dad (I am working from my mom and dad's house in CT due to some work meetings down here this week) and my mom's cooking.  The babies already love it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Babies Bump and 15 Week Update

How far along?  15 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain?  +6 lbs.  I had started to really get nervous about my weight gain thus far, but my doctor seemed very pleased, especially with my severe nausea to date.  I think I've gained a pound or two just since my last doctor's appointment.  Now if only my weight gain could come from something other than the unhealthiest of unhealthy foods... oh well.
Maternity clothes?  Still rocking the leggings and long maternity tops.  I wore maternity jeans for the first time this week and am currently on the hunt for another pair.  I also need to find maternity PJ's.  My non-maternity yoga pants, even in a size up, seem to be cutting off my circulation!
Stretch marks?  Not yet. 
Sleep:  I still sleep well.  In fact, from the time I wake up, I count the hours until I can go back to sleep because I feel my best when I'm sleeping!  Also, I caved and bought the Snoogle pregnancy pillow, which is great (but it would work a lot better if Belle didn't try to snuggle up in between me and the pillow every night!).
Best moment this week:  Choosing and confirming our boys' names!


Miss anything?  I still miss not having to make a run for it to the bathroom for my morning and evening throw up sessions.  Hoping this will pass soon... but trying to brace myself for this to be as good as I will feel for the next 5 months.
Movement:  I might have felt a few flutters once or twice.  But I'm still not too sure.
Food cravings:  None.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Nothing specific, but mostly anything and everything... still.
GenderLOVE my BOYS!
Labor Signs:  None yet and I'm beyond grateful for that!
Symptoms:  Still nausea, linea nigra, some ligament pain on my left side in my hip/upper leg area and the nasal congestion.

Belly button in or out?  In.
Wedding rings on or off?  On when I'm out of the house, off when I'm in the house.
Looking forward to:  Another week of growth.  Even though I'm fighting severe nausea, this has already been such an exciting and amazing experience.  One that I still can.not believe is happening to me.  
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