Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday being Thursday, I spent my evening at a relaxing acupuncture appointment.  As I was waiting for my acupuncturist to call me back for my session, I noticed a RESOLVE New England newsletter on the coffee table.  While I admittedly don't know much about RESOLVE, I do know that they offer support groups for women dealing wtih infertility.  I know this because I actually have their local monthly meeting dates marked in my calendar (I was too much of a scaredy cat to go to the one at the beginning of this month... we'll see what February brings, I suppose).  Anyway, because I recognized the organization's name, I grabbed the newsletter and started to thumb through it... Here is what I found (I took a picture of this with my phone, so it may be difficult to read):

I know that I don't need to validate the crappy feelings that I so often have due to my journey with infertility, or the symptons of depression that sometimes pop up more than I'd like... but this made me feel... well, validated and somewhat reassured.  Reassured that what I'm feeling, is normal (normal at least for what I'm going through).

I couldn't have read this at a more perfect time (see yesterday's post).  While it's certainly still excruciatingly difficult to deal with the emotions brought upon by my infertility, I'm glad that I saw this last night.  After a really bad day, it's almost what I needed (well, this and all of YOUR supportive comments that blew me away yesterday!) to just be a little more okay with my feelings, especially the bad ones.


Anonymous said...

Absolutly. I am glad this helps you know that it is ok for all of us to feel bad. Its also important for us to know when and how to get help if we feel very bad. If you try a resolve meeting you will get more gems like this! ;-) I am trying to peer pressure you!

Amanda said...

You should totally go to Resolve. I've never been, but those that I know who have LOVED it.

I'm glad you're feeling validated in your feelings. I think it is TOTALLy okay to feel/think/act like a mess sometimes. I just wish it wasn't most of the time for me. I figure most of us feel this way at some point. If you don't, you've got to be superhuman or something. But it's nice to know that studies support my theory. : )

Hope you've had a better day than yesterday.

Amy said...

Total validation.
When I first realized I was no longer the person I used to be I thought I was unique in this situation. Nope.
I joined a support group after our first IVF and am so glad I did. I realized what we're feeling is so common. Feeling guilty about feeling bad just makes things that much worse. And it's completely unnecessary. I'm learning that - through my group and my therapist.

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