Monday, January 21, 2013

Really?!?! (Yes, I'm stooping this low...)

Last night as my husband watched football, I snuggled into bed and eagerly waited for the season premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami to start (I have many guilty pleasures and the  ridiculousness of the Kardashian reality shows is one of them!).  Anyway, the second episode that was on last night featured Kim's "infertility issues".  In fact, Kim even mentioned that her fertility specialist tested her levels and her eggs are old, similar to someone who is in their fifties.  This irked me and it still does!  My guess is that either her AMH or FSH levels are elevated, such as mine.  My doctor compared my FSH levels to someone in their forties, though... Am I crazy to think that just because Kim got pregnant, that maybe I will, too?!  I mean, after all, my eggs are about 10 years younger than hers!

I have the day off from work today and rather than watching the inauguration (such a bad citizen!), I opted for the Kourtney and Kim re-runs.  And watching the episodes again got me to googling, which lead me to this interview.  Doesn't it seem like Kim is using her "infertility" as a publicity stint?  How terrible?!  As if it doesn't sicken me enough already that she's pregnant!

So, now that I've stooped so low as to write an entire blog post on the Krazy Kardashian's, I'm off to watch more re-runs (I'll do my best to turn to the inauguration during commercials, though!).


the blogivers said...

I was totally telling someone last week after seeing her interview on the Today Show that is seemed like she was milking her fertility issues for all it was worth... apparently they weren't a big deal if she got knocked up easily! Makes me glad I don't have cable so I can't watch her be stupid all the time on her show, though I would totally watch it if I could :)

Anonymous said...

I love to hate the Kardashians. Its a sickness. I cant get enough. I no longer feel bad about it, however, after reading a study that said that if you already have strong values and morals, watching crappy reality TV will not harm them, In fact, if you watch these shows and then discussed how mess up they are (like we are doing right now) it actually strengthens your values and helps you align yourself with like minded people (like we are doing right now!) That scientific journal article basically gave me permission to watch all the Kardashian Krap I want!

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