Friday, June 1, 2012

Bad Eggs

Todays appointment was just alright.  I'm discouraged.  My estrogen was only at 57 (so it still needs to rise considerably) and apparently I have 3-4 small follicles on my right ovary and only about 1-2 small follicles on my left ovary.  In fact, I only had 1 follicle large enough to even report on my results flowsheet.  Based on all of this, my dosages of 10 units of Lupron and 250 units of Follistim will stay the same for now (which is fine - I'd rather keep it the same than decrease it, anyway!).  My next appointment is on Tuesday morning.

Until then, I'll be praying to God for more follicles and lots more growth.

Fingers crossed....

Aubrey Blair

1 comment:

Team Harries said...

Just case across your blog and looked at your timeline. I too have high FSH! Praying that your miracle comes soon!

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