Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Signs from God

Recently, I've seen two things that I'm convinced have been signs from God at just the right times...

First, on our way to my doctor's office on the morning of my ET, I was extremely nervous.  Mostly nervous about what my embryos did overnight and how strong they would be.  I kept my eyes closed for most of the ride, but as I opened them and looked out the window, the first car that passed us on our right was one whose bumper sticker caught my eye:

"Nothing is impossible with God"

Second (and this actually happened today), I was travelling for work with some co-workers to Connecticut.  Since we were all coming from different towns in Massachusetts, we decided to meet on the Mass Pike at a Park & Ride lot so that we could drive the rest of the distance together.  After our meetings and picking up my car from the Park & Ride lot, I noticed a street sign as I was headed home that literally made my heart skip a beat...
Faith Ave... (It's difficult to see because I had to quickly snap this picture from my iPhone while at a red light). 

Today I am thankful for God's reminders to have Faith and to believe in Him.

That said, I'll end with my updated list of symptoms so far (updated symptoms in bold):

1dp3dt: Nothing
2dp3dt: Some afternoon cramping and slightly sore bbs
3dp3dt: Some cramping on and off and slightly sore bbs (mostly in the morning). Update: I noticed yesterday evening that the on and off cramping I had been experiencing was mostly felt far to the right and left - possibly pain/cramping in each of my ovaries (??)
4dp3dt (today): Some cramping on and off (mostly in the center of my uterus), slightly sore bbs, a small bout of nausea this afternoon (however, this could easily be from the heat wave we're experiencing in New England right now... my car read 108 degrees on my way home today!) and the start of an unpleasant pimple on my chin (normally the feeling of a pimple developing on my face is the first sign that AF is on her way) :(

Aubrey Blair

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