Sunday, June 17, 2012

Egg Transfer and a Happy Father's Day Message

Yesterday's Egg Transfer was successful.  The best news being that it was not called off... our embryos had continued to divide and grow and we ended up with one 6 cell grade C embryo and one 8 cell grade B/C embryo.  Sadly, based on the grading our embryos received, I feel as though the odds are a bit against us this time.  Last cycle we transferred two 8 cell grade B embryos - it's clear from our pictures from both yesterday and our last cycle that this time, the embryos are not as "pretty".  That said, I expressed my concern to the doctor, who informed me that she's performed many transfers of embryos with grades C's and D's that resulted in healthy, live births.  I pray that we'll be so lucky this time...
I've been on self prescribed bed rest since yesterday at noon, when I returned home from my ET.  It's been difficult (luckily Tink has ben keeping her mumma company!), but the time is passing and I know that taking it easy is best for my baby embryos right now.  I'm so fearful and worried and I just wish I knew what was happening in my uterus right now.  I pray that our embryos are thriving and growing...  Now we just wait... the dreadful two week wait.  I'm not sure if I'll POAS yet... I'm going to try to hold out from testing as long as I can.  We'll see!
On a separate note, I want to wish my Dad a very happy Father's Day!  Due to said, self prescribed bed rest, we aren't able to see my Dad today, but I'm hoping that in two weeks the reason will have been well worth it for all of us! 

Dad: thank you for being such a loving, supportive Dad who's always been on my side.  I love you so much and am so blessed to have you in my life!
Aubrey Blair

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