Friday, June 22, 2012

Updated Symptoms

Here is my list of updated symptoms (in bold):

1dp3dt: Nothing
2dp3dt: Some afternoon cramping and slightly sore bbs
3dp3dt: Some cramping on and off and slightly sore bbs (mostly in the morning). Update: I noticed yesterday evening that the on and off cramping I had been experiencing was mostly felt far to the right and left - possibly pain/cramping in each of my ovaries (??)
4dp3dt: Some cramping on and off (mostly in the center of my uterus), slightly sore bbs, a small bout of nausea this afternoon (could have been from the heat wave) and the start of an unpleasant pimple on my chin (normally the feeling of a pimple developing on my face is the first sign that AF is on her way) :(
5dp3dt: Only symptom was sore bbs and luckily that nasty pimple that I felt was starting never officially popped out!!
6dp3dt (today): Slightly sore bbs.  No cramping, but maybe just the feeling of tightening in my uterus (??)

I was prepared ALL day today for painful and consistent AF-like cramps coupled by a splitting headache.  That's exactly what happened last cycle on this day.  I'm happy to say that history has not repeated itself (so far) this cycle!  Praying to God that this is a very good sign!!

Aubrey Blair

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