Thursday, June 14, 2012

How similar is too similar? My ER results are in...

Yesterday's retrieval went well.  It's funny how the second time around, you're just more relaxed about the whole process.  The crazy thing though, is that yesterday's procedure and today's results were pretty much identical to my last cycle.  Here's how...

* Last cycle we almost missed my retrieval.  It was pouring rain on April 23rd and took us about 2 hours to get to my doctor's office.  As luck would have it, it was also pouring rain on June 13th.  However, this time, it didn't take us 2 hours - we left in plenty of time and arrived at my doctor's office right on time.

* This cycle, I was in the same prep/recovery room.

* Last cycle (with about 6-9 good sized follicles), 4 eggs were retrieved.  Going into yesterday's retrieval I was bracing myself for 0-2 eggs based on the fact that I only had about 3-4 good sized follicles at my last ultrasound...  They retrieved 4 eggs!!!  Quite frankly, I was shocked!

* Last cyle, of the 4 eggs retrieved: 3 were mature and 2 fertilized.  This cycle, the results are the EXACT SAME... we have two embryos (!!!).  (I'm hesitant to end that sentence with exclamation points and therefore, I've ended the sentence with a period, but have the exclamation points in parentheses - I'm weary of being excited).

* Last cycle I had a day 3 transfer.  This cycle, we're on track for another day 3 transfer IF my little embryos split and divide as they should tonight and tomorrow night.

To say I'm scared would be an understatement.  I'm utterly frightened and anxious for the next two days (moreso for the next two weeks).  I'm trying to have as much hope and faith as I'm able to muster up deep within.  I have my fingers, toes, eyes... everything crossed and I pray that we'll get good news again tomorrow.

Aubrey Blair

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