Thursday, May 31, 2012

California Dreaming & IVF #2 Updates


I'm so excited!  As previously mentioned, after failed IVF #1, we knew we would start right in on IVF #2.  That said, we knew that after IVF #2, whether we get good or bad news (PRAYING for GOOD news!), we would be in need of a vacation.  Initially the islands cascaded our minds... Aruba, a Sandals resort to re-live our Honeymoon... we went back and forth and then one morning I mentioned the Pacific Coast Highway in California.  So... after a day of researching the roadtrip down Route 1, we were sold!  In August, we will be flying out to San Francisco and will drive down to San Diego over the course of 8 nights. 
Our roadtrip has us spending 2 nights in San Francisco, 1 night in Monterey (where Nick will golf at one of the famous Pebble Beach golf courses, while I plan to relax by the pool and indulge in some spa treatments!), 1 night in Santa Barbara, 2 nights in L.A. (Beverly Hills (!!!) to be exact!) and then 2 nights in San Diego (we opted for Coronado Bay instead).  We can hardly wait.  A vacation is JUST what we need.  Coincidentally, Nick and I share the same birthday - August 23rd (I am an hour and a half older) - so, we are excited to spend this monumental birthday (it will be our 30th) together, as we ride in style (ha!) in our convertible throughout the streets of Beverly Hills!  Whoop, whoop!!  We pray that we'll also be celebrating a baby on the way and that we'll be given the BEST birthday gift in the world!

Now back to reality.... IVF #2.... I started my stims on Sunday evening - but just the Lupron micro-dose.  Monday morning I began taking both the Lupron md and 250 iu of Follistim in the morning and then again in the evening as well.  I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning and am hoping and praying that I'll have lots and lots of follicle growth!  Friday will be my 5th day of stims.  I'm GUESSING that my egg retrieval will be around Monday the 11th... but who knows!

On another note, acupuncture is going well.  I'm actually really enjoying it.  For someone who finds it nearly impossible to relax, I'm surprised after every session that I was able to do just that!  I've been going on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and while I am very happy with the result of feeling relaxed, I just pray to God that the treatments are doing something more inside of me... that the needles and all of the stimulation is helping my poor (quality) eggs. 

It's been a rough road getting to IVF #2 and this time is just different.  I feel different.  Sadly, I don't have nearly as much hope.  If the first IVF didn't work, then why would the second one?  Perhaps I'm just shielding myself from the potential disappointment and heartbreak at the end of this cycle... Whatever the reason, I hope I'm wrong.  In the meantime, I'm just trying to take one day at a time while dreaming of cruising the coast of Cali with my DH in just a few short months.

xoxo, Aubrey Blair

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