Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pregnant Co-Worker

Honestly, my pregnant co-worker has completely ruined my week!  I know I've gone on, and on, and on about this colleague but this is my on-line journal and if I can't vent here, then where can I vent?!

* * * * *

I just came out of a meeting where we re-assigned most of my pregnant co-worker's accounts (I'll give you one guess as to whom all of these accounts were re-assigned) since, you know, she's the lucky b$&%! that will be out of work for 12 weeks, who probably won't be coming back to work at all, and who gets to cradle the miracle of a baby (ahem, her own baby) in her arms in a few short weeks. 

In the meantime I'll prick myself with countless needless (in countless spots on my body), show up late to work every day because of doctor's appointments, cry myself to sleep every night and now on top of all that, I'll be swamped at work - more than I already am.

So thanks pregnant co-worker.  Thanks a real lot.

I'm bitter and right now I'm not ashamed of that!

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