Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3 Hours Later...

...and I'm doing a little better than I was this morning.  Perhaps it's because the questions/comments about my co-worker's pregnancy have ceased.  OR... it's because one of my favorite websites made me laugh.

Sep 27
Fertility Tip: How to achieve two lines on a pregnancy stick.
(a) Pee on two sticks.
(b) Get a pregnant woman to pee on your stick.
(c) Draw on the second line with magic marker.
(d) Relax and it will happen.
(e) All of the above but d.

So, thank you to 999 Reasons, for helping to make me smile this afternoon.  And for making this sick and twisted journey of Infertility a little more light-hearted. 

(and congrats to 999 Reasons for becoming an eBook!)

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