Friday, March 1, 2013

Quote of the Day

The other day, my sweet sister sent me an e-mail with the following quote of the day:

We are instructed to be content and grateful for what we have and live God's will.  When we live in God's will and accept our lot, He provides great joy because we are obedient.  He also instructs us to ask boldly for what we want!  God's timing is always perfect.

Naturally, I responded to my sister's e-mail saying that I sure have been asking boldly over the course of the past year!  But, in all seriousness, after I read this quote I rolled my eyes (because yes, I do feel like I've asked for a baby, very boldly, only to receive nothing but heart ache in return and also because why isn't my timing perfect to become a mom?  Why isn't this, or any other month during the past year, the perfect time?) and then I filed it away as a saved e-mail. 

But I have been thinking about it ever since...

Though my heart is broken, my eyes are swollen, my stomach is killing (since you know what is on its way) and my head is pounding with thoughts of confusion and worry, I have to believe.  I have to trust God.  I have to know that when (and however) I become a mom, that the timing will be His... and that it will be perfect.

I'm working on the part about being content and grateful for what I do have... I know that my contentment and gratefulness is there, it's just over shadowed by the hurt (oh, there's so much hurt) right now.


Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

It is so hard to trust and be grateful when you want it so badly. I've struggled with it so much myself but when I am able to let go and trust in His plan...I'm so much happier.

the blogivers said...

Such truth, but sometimes hard to remember and live by! Glad you have a great sister to encourage you :)

Christen said...

Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you!!

Sally said...

Still thinking of you! And I agree with this so much! The timing will be perfect....and things will work out in their own way, I just know it.

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