Friday, March 15, 2013

Abby vs. Christi


First.  Yes, I admit it.  Since I'm actually writing a post about a recent Dance Moms episode, I clearly have a TV addiction.  It's okay though, you already know that from this recent post.

Anyway, last night I watched Tuesday's marathon episode (two hours - oy!  Nick chose to complain the whole time rather than watching something else on one of the other TV's in our house) and I'm honestly still seething over one of the Mom's really rude and really hurtful comments.

Yes, Abby is rude, crude and really tough on those little girls.  In fact, most episodes I find myself hollering back at the TV after watching Abby treat those kids so poorly.  It's upsetting - but I still watch.  And then there's the moms... who basically are all proof that middle school aged girls never change.  Girls can be mean.  They can be hurtful.  And that's exactly what Mean Christi was in the episode that I watched last night.

Mean Christi said something along the lines of God probably being happy that He didn't make Abby a mother (because of the way she treats the Dance Moms' children).  And you know what?  I seriously felt heart broken for Abby in that instant.  Abby is not  a nice person and she does not treat those little girls well, BUT that awful statement from Mean Christi is just unacceptable in my book.  Unacceptable.

What if Abby suffered, at some point in her life, through infertility?  Maybe she did.  Maybe she still is suffering. 

And so, for just the possibility of that reason alone, Mean Christi, you lose.  You lose big time.  Abby wins (until the next episode when I'm back to hollering at her (at the TV) for treating those little girls so poorly).

That's all.  Except, wait.  Yes, I know.  I'm ridiculous for even thinking about hitting 'publish' in a minute...

...But, oh well.  Now back to work.  (Clearly) I'm slacking today.  But it's Friday.  So I guess that's OK?

Happy weekending (we're doing our taxes tomorrow and are hoping for a good return to put toward our CCRM fund)!


Amber said...

I had to stop watching that show. Every. Single. Time I would wonder why I was wasting my time watching that trash. ( I watched it for 2 full seasons so it took me awhile to finally stop recording it) now I spend my time watching other useless t.v. shows like the Bachelor, American Idol (even though I dislike the judges this year), Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, Biggest Loser..... Yes, I'm a reality t.v. junkie. Sigh .....

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