Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off the past week or so.  I'm  o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d, people!!  Getting ready to head to Colorado for the ODWU has been more work than I had initially thought (not that I'm complaining - at all!).  I'm beginning to realize that cycling at a clinic out of state (half way across the country) can be... well... complicated.

Late last week, I decided to take matters into my own hands and order myself the etegrity Beta 3 test.  I actually have to pat myself on the back for this (and thank so many friends whose input is really what made me just go ahead and bite the bullet).  Anyway, I ordered the kit last Thursday (received it on Friday) and spent pretty much all day Thursday and Friday going back and forth with my ObGyn's office as to what exactly I was looking to have scheduled.  Over the weekend I started to wonder if I should just call my local RE about this (even though that's not really the route I want to go).  On Monday I was able to speak with the Nurse Practitioner at my doctor's office and explained to her that all I really need is an endometrial biopsy... Except, that it specifically needs to be done nine to eleven days after my LH surge during my next cycle (which will be after I return home from the ODWU).  I ended up scheduling the biopsy for a day that I think (hope and pray) will work, based on what are my usually regular cycles.  Fingers crossed that I won't have to deal with an irregular cycle causing me to have to cancel and reschedule this!

Now that I have the endometrial biopsy scheduled, I'm thinking about life after the ODWU.  A cycle with CCRM would mean that I'd have to have day three blood work drawn locally.  I'd then need to freeze the spun serum and send it back to the lab in Colorado for testing.  No biggie, right?  But this has had me stressed over where I should even go to have my blood drawn - as I know not every lab would be equipped to spin my blood and then hand it back over to me.  Oh, and speaking of day three blood work.  And stress.  I'm so nervous and so stressed about this.  What will CCRM's lab get as a result for my FSH level?  It's very possible that it's increased significantly since the last time I had it tested.  And I've never even had my AMH level tested... will I learn that my diagnosis of DOR is much worse than I'd been told? 

And then... if my levels are fine (well, we know they're not fine.  But, if they're not much worse than my (so far) highest FSH level of 18.6), then that means we'll carry on with moving closer to our CCRM stim cycle.  And in that case, I'll need to have at least one (possibly more depending upon the protocol Dr. Schoolcraft suggests) baseline ultrasound and a blood draw here, locally.  CCRM will need the same day results and so, with that, I'm trying to figure out where I should go to have those done.  I initially thought that I'd use my local RE for much of my early monitoring and testing before heading out to CCRM however, my feelings on that have changed, leaving me a bit perplexed as to where I should go...

All this to say that choosing to go to CCRM is obviously a huge decision  -  and that it certainly doesn't just end there.  This has become somewhat of a full-time job for me.  And while I'm one million percent convinced that going to CCRM is the right choice for us, I'm quickly realizing that it's a big, BIG, commitment.  But, it's a BIG commitment, that I'm beyond ready and willing to take.  I told my husband this morning after going through my checklist of things to do, research and look into today, that this is my absolute top priority. 

And well, with that, I'm just so ready to get the show on the road - to begin the process, have the ODWU and to take each step closer to my miracle baby.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is a lot but I have a coupel thoughts. One - don't stress about your FSH. That number is pretty much meaningless. Sure, it matters what is (and what your AFC is) the month you want to cycle, but overall, it meass much less than the AMH. My FSH was 99 and also 6. And that 6 did not make me fertile! My point is that FSH goes up and down, while AMH is a more steady measure

Second - you are super stressed about all teh local monitoring, but remember that CCRM has to deal with it all the time. And you live in a big city. So perhaps you can just ask them what local clinics/REs they have had a positive experience with for local monitoring!

Thats my 2c!

Amanda said...

I'll piggyback on Kimberly and say that I wouldn't stress about the results. My AMH has even been all over the place, and its suppose to be the constant one, the one you only need to test once! And no one can explain the discrepancies. Unless a number would give you the boot from CCRM, I wouldn't stress too much over what the numbers are. It sounds like you have plenty to stress about just getting everything set up.

Are you thinking about getting another local RE? Or going to OBGYN? I like checking with CCRM. Also there have to be a zillion bloggers in your area. Post it out there and let the internet do the work for you!

Court said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog through one of your comments left on Kharini's blog. (I've been following her for about three years now, and my SIL has been following her throughout her entire fertility journey.)

I wish you well as you get ready to travel to CCRM. I do hope and pray that your anxiety will ease as your trip comes closer. I can't imagine having to find a clinic willing to ship your blood. It's too bad that you don't have a friend who's a nurse or works at a doctor's office! Good Luck, Aubrey! I'm cheering for you here in Alabama!!

the blogivers said...

Goodness - your "to do" list is making MY head spin! But it's nice that you have specific things to focus on and accomplish so it feels like you are actually doing something as you wait for the Colorado trip. Praying all the hard work will be worth it SOON!

Mel said...

Thinking of you.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to handle things.

When you go for the ODWU. I recommend picking up the shipping kit for the day 3 labs then... we didn't and were going to try and package it ourselves with dry ice, etc... but then I freaked out... what if it doesnt work or what if fed ex or whomever catches me sending "blood"... So then I had them ship it to me instead but it cost an extra 30ish dollars... so pick it up when your there.

As for local monitoring. I did my baseline us with my OBGYN. The one before stims when all they want to make sure is that there are no cyst. So if you have a good relationship with your OBGYN, maybe ask them about it...

As for labs locally. I did most of mine through quest labs. You can look and there might be one in your area. They were able to do same day and everything. They are all over the US. I wanted to avoid going to our old RE"s office, I was just frustrated with them and didn't want to give them anymore of my money. I did end up going there a couple times prior to our FET and for my first Beta since it was a weekend..

Good that your thinking ahead and trying to make plans.

I pray that your FSH is stable and not getting any worse.

Let me know if you need info on good places to eat... actually I think I sent an email to K, so I will find that and send it to you.

You'll love the Element too.


JenS said...

CCRM might have suggestions of where you can go for the bloodwork and u/s. So many people travel there, they must have a list of places they work with in most cities. Somehow it will all work out.

Erika said...

I'm with JenS- surely CCRM has recommendations and protocols for all of this??! They do SO many out of towners...surely they have coordinators who do nothing but deal with this kind of thing? One would hope, anyway. Also- I'm so surprised that in all of the zillions of appointments and procedures you've had, you haven't had your AMH tested??! That seems so weird to me! Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I doubt any kind of AMH results would be a dealbreaker for CCRM!

kharini said...

I did all my monitoring at my former RE, but because I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it, I called the closest clinic, one that I had never called before, and asked if they can do my monitoring and they said yes. So I think fertility clinics are open to do it, they like the business.

I agree with Mel, get the shipping kit from CCRM, it's a lot easier than packing it yourself. I know it sounds overwhelming but I'm sure you'll handle it just fine.

Another thing they'll ask is a mammogram. If you haven't had that done you better start scheduling it with your OBGYN. Sorry to give you one more thing to think about :)

I wish you all the best. xo

Emily said...

Just breathe. I'm sure it's more overwhelming dealing with a clinic out of town, but once you get the ball rolling and into your cycle, I'm sure it will run like clockwork and fly right by! You're going to be so busy, you'll be pregnant before you know it! Can't wait to follow your journey Aubrey!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

So excited that things are moving forward, Aubrey!!! It sounds super overwhelming but think it will be worth it in the end. Try to relax as best as possible. Hugs!!!!

Amber said...

Everyone else has already offered such good advice. I'm just going to say how excited I am for you moving forward. You have a lot going on and I wish you the best of luck!

Suzanne said...

I completely understand why you are so overwhelmed. I can't tell you how often I've felt the same way. It's so much to take in. You are making such a great decision though and I know that this is going to work out in the end and you're going to be one fabulous momma! Don't stress to much about the numbers...I do the same, in the end, it's nothing we can change and just know you're at the best clinic possible for whatever happens!!

Laura said...

Hi there!

I found your blog from another blog that I regularly read. I'm so excited that you are getting started at CCRM!! As a fellow CCRM gal, I can tell you, you will be in great hands there!

I look forward to following your journey! I hope you finally find success with CCRM! :)

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