Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Shows - An Infertility Blog Filler Post

The throes and woes of infertility have my brain working on overdrive lately and I can't seem to get my thoughts (and my worries, fears, anxiety, etc., etc., etc.) organized enough to write about.   So... I figured I'd share what I'm currently watching as an infertility blog filler post.   
Sometimes I feel like my life literally revolves around my TV show schedule (well, that and infertility, too, of course).  The other night, I was asked what shows I currently watch and I quickly realized that I might as well be a teenage girl.  Here's why:
Keeping Up With The Kardashians (currently Kourtney & Kim Take Miami)
I'm still not over Kim being pregnant.  Ugh!
I seriously have to cover my eyes with my hands for half of the show because Hannah Banana is so... well... gross, but I just love it!

William H. Macy is amazing in this show.  His character makes me want to punch my fist through a wall (actually, I want to punch him in the face!) because he is just such an awful person.  But wow - what a phenomenal actor!)

The Bachelor (obvi)
The only thing getting me through the fact that tomorrow night is the last episode of the season (!!!), is the fact that Bachelor Pad is sure to start up again soon!

I'm so mad that Nick won't watch this with me!

Dance Moms
Nick tells me repeatedly (i.e. every Tuesday night) that he can't believe a thirty year old woman finds this show intriguing and entertaining enough to watch.  He also says he doesn't think they're that good of dancers.  I say, what does he know?!
Fashion Star
Hunter is my favorite this season.  I hope she wins!
Shark Tank
Friday nights in our house involve ordering pizza and then cozying up on the couch to watch the Sharks.  I watch with my iPad nearby so I can google everything that they invest in!
Monday through Friday:
Days of our Lives
No lie - - - this is my favorite show on TV.  I'm so thrilled that Days has survived the soap opera cancellation roller coaster that has occurred over the past few years!  Also, and perhaps more importantly, Days is typically the subject of a normal conversation between me and my ninety three (!!!) year old Nana... Love that!

Shows currently on hiatus:
Real World
Portland, OR is where the next season is being taped... season 28... wow!  My all-time favorite Real World was the season in Seattle, WA.  I LOVED that season (with Lindsay and Janet)!  Oh - and I'd be lying if I said that I also didn't watch every.single RW/RR challenge!

I know, I know... it's surprising that I LOVE this show based upon what may seem like my preteen viewing schedule above!
As you can imagine, my DVR is always full of great (in my opinion) shows to watch, which has been very helpful for all the times I was on bed rest after IVF transfers (See!  It always comes back to infertility... stupid infertility).


Erika said...

Oh we could definitely be roommates. Right there with ya on the Bachelor (DUH), Kardashians, Dance Moms, and Shark Tank. I feel like watching Shark Tank so religiously kind of balances out all the other mind-rotting shows I prefer, ha.

Amber said...

I love the Bachelor! My husband makes fun of me for it. I watched a few seasons of Dance Moms, and questioned why I watched it almost every episode. The moms and Abby are just too rediculous. Loved watching the little girls though. I finally pulled the plug in watching it though. I just can't stand how Abby treats those kids. I'm also addicted to watching American Idol, America's Next Top Model, The Voice, and Parenthood.

Sally said...

Major Bachelor fan, although I only got into it the last few seasons. Can't believe I missed so much of it. All those years!

I watch Days in the summers when I'm off from school. And oddly enough it only takes me about one episode to figure out what's going on!! Love it!!

shay said...

i too still can't believe KK is pregs. between her and snooki, makes me want to punch someone. LOL

and i LOVE shameless!! such a good show!

Emily said...

Shark Tank on Friday night at our house too, and we loooove Homeland! Good pics!

Just found your blog today and adding it to my blog list. Best of luck to you on your TTC journey!

Christen said...

Huge Bachelor and Homeland fan!! Homeland's endings are dangerously addictive... I always buy another one immediately after watching on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

so glad you posted this! some how I missed it this weekend and just found it! so i wath teh bachelor (so excited for desire!), top chef and project runway most religiously. I also like the housewives, our america (lisa ling on own) and the kardashians. B and I are watching glee seasons now too! reality tv helps me escape my reality!

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