Thursday, September 6, 2012

Infertility Calendars

I don't know why... but I've diligently recorded on monthly calendars every single doctor's appointment, ultrasound, blood draw, injection of Follistim, injection of Lupron, tablet of Clomid, acupuncture appointment, period, positive LH surge from ovulation predictor kits, etc., etc., etc. over the past 9 months (it's been 9 months since I first met with my RE).  Essentially, I've recorded ev-ery-thing.  The other night while writing down my acupuncture appointments scheduled for this week, I pulled out all of my calendars.  I dragged my husband off the couch over to the kitchen table to show him everything I've (we've) been through (as if he didn't already know).  I don't know why, but I felt a very small sense of pride when looking over everything (in addition to feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated that even after having done all of this that we're still baby-less)...

But back to the pride... It was a little reassurance that yes, while we've been through oh so very much the past 9 months, we can (and will!!!) keep going.

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