Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#946 You have 'fur' children

I had to laugh yesterday, amidst my "woe is me" day, when I read #946 on the website I referenced in yesterday's post.  Belle is our 'fur' child.  She is our baby and 'Mommy and Daddy' certainly treat her as such!
Poor Belle has been gnawing at and licking the top of her paw for the past few days.  I had been putting hydrogen peroxide on it to keep it clean and then even tried putting gold bond powder on it to deter her from continuing to lick it - my hope was that the powder would not taste good to her... WRONG!  Luckily my mom's a nurse (I swear having a mom who is a nurse comes in handy mutiple times a day - - whether it's for my own (multiple infertility) medical questions or for my dog's!) so when the peroxide and powder remedies didn't help (truth be told, these were my mom's initial ideas), my mom suggested that we use gauze and medical tape to cover the raw spot on Belle's paw - preventing her from getting at it.  Now, I'm convinced that only real nurses would have such medical utilities in their own homes... or, perhaps only real moms (ugh...)!  So my mom suggested that I cut a piece of white washcloth up and then use regular tape (luckily we actually had bandaids on hand!) to cover Belle's sore.
(Yes... not only do Nick and I refer to ourselves as 'Mommy and Daddy', but we refer to my parents as 'Nana and Papa'... Even more proof that Belle is clearly our 'fur' child!)

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