Thursday, February 7, 2013

(Em)bracing the storm

Well, this is coming for us:
It's supposed to start tomorrow, really picking up tomorrow night, which is when we can expect two to three inches of snowfall per hour (!!!).  This morning, the meteorologist reported that even if this storm "misses" Boston, we can still expect about a foot of snow.  Oy. 

But it's okay.  This will be our first really big storm of the season.  We have plenty of fire wood ready to go and I have every single Dallas episode from this season recorded on my DVR (love that show!).  I have lots of hot chocolate ready to be made and will go shopping tonight for ingredients for a delicious soup that will surely keep us warm and our bellies full. 

And for this socially anxious (as of late), in sub-fertile gal, a weekend hunkered down with nowhere to go sounds pretty good!


Amanda said...

That sounds awesome! I know I'm supposed to feel bad for everybody in the path of this storm- freezing temps, buckets of snow, no power... but this Colorado born girl can't help but squeal with glee at the mere mention of buckets of snow! I'm so jealous! Enjoy your weekend copies up by the fire! Don't forget to go outside to ENJOY it! So beautiful!

the blogivers said...

That DOES sound awesome (assuming you stay safe and warm, of course). Sweating down here in Texas :(

Erika said...

It sounds so exciting!! Unless you lose power, then things start sucking very quickly. In the meantime you can stalk down all of the Bachelor contestant-girls on Twitter and that will provide hours of entertainment. Not that I've done it or anything...right.

Amanda said...

Girl- you should probably wait to enjoy the snow until AFTER the storm… I just heard on the weather channel 50mph winds and the metro boston areas may get up to THREE FEET of snow! Whooooaaaaa!

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Be safe and enjoy your snuggly time at home!

Christen said...

I was thinking of you when I heard about the storm!! Stay safe and enjoy your Dallas marathon with hot chocolate :)

Sally said...

Enjoy! As a teacher I love forecasts like this occasionally so I can get a nice snow day in :))

I did see a weather map that pointed at certain areas of the NE with funny captions like "these people should buy a boat"..."these people should hit the liquor store".... ha! :))

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